Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Aurora

When you were 2 and insisted I go around to all of the dance schools in the city to see if someone would admit you to a dance class before the required age… I knew you were
DETERMINED. When you were 4 and began travelling by plane alone and absolutely loved it… I knew you were BRAVE and ADVENTUROUS. When you were 6 and your favourite babysitter moved on to another job, you cried for days. I knew you were CAPABLE OF LOVING DEEPLY and secretly begged you to not change… hoping that you wouldn’t put walls up around you and love a little less the next time around. That same year, when you insisted on wearing your hallowe’en costume to school even when I told you that hallow’een was over and no-one else would be dressed up… I knew you were GUTSY and YOUR OWN PERSON.  
When you were 7 and I found you at the photocopier in my office, clearly trying to figure out what to do with a paper jam, I had to stop myself from jumping in and helping you. I had asked you to make a copy for me and you were figuring it out, without asking for my help. I secretly watched as you analysed the problem light, opened different compartments, found the issue and sorted it out. You brought me my copy. I knew you
HAD INITIATIVE and were CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN ABILITIES. When you were 8 and we were stuck for days in London, not being able to continue on to Canada because we were missing the Visa your step-father needed to get into Canada… he turned to us and told us to go on without him. He would return to Spain. Your eyes went firey and you put your hands on your hips, snarling at me and said "we are not going anywhere without Oscar, either we all go together or we all go home…. I knew you would DEFEND THOSE YOU LOVE WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART.
When you were 9 and had a serious conflict with your dance teacher and was at the point of quitting and even now, when you continue with rhythmic gymnastics year after year even though they haven’t put you in the group you wanted…. I knew you were
DEDICATED and DON’T GIVE UP EASILY. When you were 11 and set up a "Spa" at home, including music and candles, and handed me the "menu" of services you offered, I took the "Full Service" and received the nicest foot & hand massage & relaxation session than I have ever received, and when you set up up your bracelet stall in the street to sell what you had made, I knew you were INNOVATIVE, CREATIVE & HARD-WORKING. When you returned from your recent trip at Christmas and insisted on joining a gym, I thought it may be a passing fad… and am amazed at how you are able to get everything done and work-out at a gym 4 to 5 times a week… I see you are a GREAT TIME ORGANIZER & COMMITTED.
When I look at all of these incredible qualities together…
Determined, Brave, Adventurous, Cabapale of Loving Deeply, Gutsy, Your Own Person, Have Initiative, Confident in Your Own Abilities, Defend Those you Love with All of Your Heart, Dedicated, Don’t Give Up Easily, Innovative, Creative, Hard Working, Great Time Organizer, Committed…. And I add other qualities that I see in you - Generous, Passionate, Great Friend, Super Sense of Humour, Bright, a Good Listener… It amazes me to see the person you are and the person you continue to become.  I am so proud of you and love you with all of my heart darling. Happy Birthday. Xo Mum

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